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So – here we go

Monkeys – I am creating this blog for you.  Because I love you.  As you grow you’ll learn that your momma is definitely not an author.  Another thing that I pray that you’ll learn is that your momma loves you oh so very much.  This blog is for you. 

I hope that some day when I am gone you’ll be able to check in and know how often each day that I think of you and how no matter the number of posts I make you are my world and I would do ANYTHING for you.  I hope to share some of the funny things you do and say and share my vantage point of proud moments.  Well – you might get a little bit of the naughty things that you do as well.

SO…this being said – I started this blog in October of 2011 with great intentions of posting regularly.  Hahaha, this is my first post…July 31, 2012.  Oops!  You’ll also learn as you get older that my execution is much less impressive than my intention.  Oh and the name of the blog!  I wanted it to say more than one thing – that I love you – my four monkeys.  Of course upon titling it I NEVER would have guessed that there would be FIVE monkeys!  I’m sure there will be posts about that in the future. 

Baby #5 will be arriving in about 12 weeks.  You guys are SO excited.  I love the way that you talk to my belly and ask the baby how she is doing each day.  I have been blessed with four little monkeys that have the hearts the size of Texas,  Thank you for being you.

Until next time…I love you!  Oh and STOP THROWING STONES AT PASSING CARS!  I’ll explain more when I have another chance.  🙂

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